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OSAAP Technologies is owned by Blackstone Global.

Blk, is a holding company focused on the North American manufacturing marketplace (electronics, medical, and industrial products).  Their mission is to fertilize Companies and Brands for growth in North America through cross pollination in synergistic markets.


OSAAP itself was founded in Europe around 2010, and came under management of Blk in 2015.

We have been perfecting and creating custom software/machinery for our shadow board creation process for 10 years. 

The acronym for OSAAP is similar to 5S as it focuses on order and quality management.  The goal of shadow board designs is to keep tools organized and accounted for. For industries such as aerospace, field service technicians, doctors, and even the everyday mechanic keeping your tools organized and accounted for is a vital part of the job. Our custom design software, web portal, and machines aid us in creating the perfect shadow board for each individual that crosses our path.

OSAAP Technologies:

OSAAP Technologies offers a comprehensive menu of industrial/manufacturing organizational solutions.


We create software and manufacturing solutions to perfect the shadow board design processes. 

The core of our marketing strategy is giving the customer the power to do real-time shadow board design by providing FREE CAD software. Our branches also offer FREE design services.

We offer the complete package for shadow boards design, including machinery and software, so that you can design and produce your own shadow boards.


We manage the design process through our custom web portal where customers and staff collaborate in creating the perfect design for each individual/company. 

Since 2010, OSAAP has been providing custom shadow boards for industries such as aerospace, field service technicians, and any industry that requires that all tools and/or parts be accounted for before leaving a job site.


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Chelmsford, Massachusetts | info@osaaptechnologies.com |  978-699-3084

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