Blue Manager

Our mission at OSAAP is to build a software suit that enables us to manufacturing low volume/high mix (lot size of one) Shadow Boards.  Once we have a design from Blue Shadow (CAD Software) project management becomes the next big challenge.

We have two solutions for project management

  • Blue Manager: For dealers worldwide

  • Blue Converter: For end users making Shadow Boards in house

Blue Manager is a cloud-based solution that includes a database for project management and a manufacturing manager to generate NC code for Milling. 

The project database has a customer facing web portal and an operations facing GUI for project management.

The Manufacturing manager automates the process of Nesting Shadow Board design of common material to a single board for manufacturing.

Machines are configured in the ToolBox.  Each configuration has unique setting for endmill sizes and feeds and speeds for the milling process.

BM logo.PNG