Canon EOS Rebel i7 Software

Remote Image Capture Software for the Canon T5 and T6 Cameras

The Light station uses the Canon Rebel camera. Your light station may have a T5, T6 or T7. The camera is installed with a power cord to the power strip. No battery needed. The camera is installed with a USB cable to connect to the computer being used to take photos. To control the camera remotely from the computer, the Canon EOS Utility software is used. You have the option of downloading the software directly from Canon website or copying the EOS folder from OSAAP provided flashdrive.

The current utility version to download is: EOS Utility 3.12.0 for Windows

  • Downloaded ZIP File:

  • Extract: euw3.12.0-installer.exe

  • Run: euw3.12.0-installer.exe

The software utility for this software can be downloaded from the Canon USA website at: