Blue Laser: CNC Engraving Machine

This machine is essential for inscribing text and logos onto your foam shadow board designs. 

The OSAAP Blue-Laser machine is designed to accommodate approximately 1/2 a sheet of foam 1M x 1M with 1300mm x 900mm of travel. Blue-Laser comes standard with a single head 5 Watt 445 nm Laser. The enclosure includes interlock that turns the laser off if the door is opened for safety. OSAAP NC code controls the path of the laser head automatically. The system requires no programming.

Laser 2.jpg
Laser 3.jpg
Laser 4.jpg


    • OSAAP 1390

  • Working Area (mm)

    • 1300*900

  • Laser Power

    • 6w

  • Laser Type

    • Blue Laser

  • Working Table Type

    • BladeWorktable& Honey Comb Table

  • Working Speed

    • 0-60,000mm/min

  • Position Precision

    • ±0.05mm

  • Working Voltage

    • AC110 50~60Hz 10A

  • Operating Humidity

    • 5ï¼…~95ï¼…

  • Driving System

    • Stepper

Machine Specifications:



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