Blue Mill: CNC Milling Machine

This machine is essential to milling shadow board designs into your chosen material. 

The OSAAP Blue-Mill machine has a 4' X 8' vacuum table allowing for milling sheets of foam and plastic. The 200mm and 400mm Z travel options allows for milling a large range of material thicknesses. Our 1325ATC Machine offers a 8-position auto tools changer that comes standard with 6mm-Short, 6mm-Long and 12mm-Long endmills (you can add more tools as required and we offer an optional Plastic Milling endmill set).  Our proprietary NC Nesting Software and NC Code generation offers special manufacturing rules for milling foam and plastic with automatic endmill selection and parameters to ensure all manufacturing sites produce the same high-quality results.

Our 1325 Milling Machines offer a 4-zone Vacuum Table for easy securing of different sizes and types of materials. We offer vacuum pumps and dust collectors as options.

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BlueMill 1325ATC Machine Standard Specifications:

  • X,Y, Z-Axis Travel: 1350mm*2500mm*400mm

  • Spindle: 9KW Italy HSD air-cooling ATC spindle, 24,000RPM (ISO30-ER32)

  • Motor and drive: Japan YASKAWA Servo drive and motor 850W for X, Y, Z axis

  • Inverter: Frequency inverter 11kw

  • X, Y, Z structure: Helical Rack and pinion drive,30mm Taiwan Hiwin square rail, German ball-screw Z-axis

  • Control system: Mach 4 HiCON Integra

  • Wiring: Based on USA NEC and UL 508A Specifications

  • Software: 

    • Mach 4 Interface running custom OSAAP Profile, Modules, Macros, and OSAAP Nested NC code.

    • OSAAP ACT Auto Tool Changing

  • Computer: Windows 10 Professional PC

  • X, Y, Z Travelling Positioning Accuracy: ±0.02/300mm

  • X, Y, Z Travelling Repositioning Accuracy: ±0.02mm

  • Machine table: Bakelite full 4-zone vacuum table

  • Working voltage: 208-240VAC, 3PH, 50-60Hz, 12KW

  • Emergency Stops and Interlocks: 24VDC

  • High-Precision Z-Height Tool Probe with Automatic Tool Probe Features.

  • Automatic/Manual Machine Air Off and Tool Blow Off

  • Handheld MPG

  • Automatic Lube System


  • Vacuum pump not included / Quoted separately

  • Dust Collection shoe and mounting hardware included

  • We recommend the Blue Mill be installed in a separate room with sound dampening installation.

  • The doors to the room can be interlocked to the machine's e-stop for safety

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