Hard Light Box Kit

Our Light Box is designed for Industrial Applications and Air Travel.  The case is custom made for OSAAP and includes handles, heavy duty wheels, and a high quality telescoping handle.


  1. OSAAP specific Light Panel

  2. High resolution Cannon Power Shot camera preset to OSAAP specific requirements

  3. Memory in the Camara

  4. Camera Charger

  5. Power cord for the light box

  6. USB Cable to connect the Camera to your PC

  7. Instructions


  1. You can swap the Canon Power Shot camera for any of the other cameras listed on the website or price sheet.

  2. You can use your own Camera when applicable.  Check the setup instructions for the Cannon Power Shot to ensure that your Camera has similar setting.  Please be sure to also check the scaling if you use your own Camera before beginning to layout your designs. 

Hard Light Box 1.jpg