OSAAP Software

OSAAP at it's core is a software development company.  We develop software to enable our Mission of being the most efficient design and manufacturing solution for foam inlays and shadow boards.  We are now beginning to sell our software to end users and sales partners alike to expand our footprint worldwide.

We have many more Software product solutions on the road map to bring to market including:

  • Omanager:project manager database

  • Omobile:mobile photo and project management

  • Onest:board nesting software to fit multiple boards on one sheet of foam to minimize waste

  • Olaser:laser cutting and marking software

  • Ogen:generate NC code from an OSAAP design file

Blue Shadow CAD Software

Blue Manager


3D Slicer Software

Canon EOS Rebel i7 Camera Software

Convert an OSAAP .bord file to a .DXF file

To Learn more about any of these software packages contact: sales@osaapamerica.com